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Provenance and heritage – what’s that all about?

Provenance and heritage – what’s that all about?
October 24, 2019 Philip Chadwick

In these days of growing awareness of sustainability, our carbon footprint, air miles and particularly plastic waste how often do we think of where does the food and drink we consume actually come from?
This is particularly relevant in the brewing industry. There are four main ingredients, namely water, malted grain (most commonly Barley) hops and yeast. These can all be sourced within the UK – that’s the good news. But when we pick up a bottle of Cornish Ale or a can of lager from a Scottish brewery is it actually made in Cornwall or Scotland or for that matter is your favourite Italian brand really made in Italy? The answer is not necessarily. So that’s where Provenance and Heritage come in.
More and more these days we want to know what the ingredients are and where have they come from. How are they made, who’s actually made them and where? Are they made by traditional methods or hi tech and are they processed to death along the way? It’s important to us – we want to know.
Provenance – the beginning of something’s existence; something’s origin. A guide to authenticity or quality.
Heritage – a product regarded as emblematic of fine craftmanship.
So, next time you pick up a bottle of your favourite brew does the small print tell you who’s made it and where was it made – you might be in for a shock!
‘Brew the truth’
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